Yearly List of Law Reform Programmes – The Annual Work Programme

In pursuit of its powers and functions under the Constitution and the Law Commission Act, the Law Commission from time to time prepares programmes of its work for a specified period not exceeding a calendar year; setting out in the order of priority, matters for its consideration and it publishes a notice of any such programme in the “Gazette”. The programme is referred to as the Annual Work Programme. The Commission may at any time consider any matter not included in the programme. The programme of work which is prepared and published; serves as a guide to the Commission in proceeding with its work. The Commission annually publishes its work on areas identified for Law reform. For each programme that is initiated there is a special Law Commission appointed to operationalize the programme; the special Law Commission consists of persons with relevant expertise on the subject matter under reform and are appointed by the Law commissioner in consultation of the Judicial Service Commission. The work methodology of a programme is agreed upon by the special Law Commissions.