The special Law Commission on the Review of the Chiefs Act began its work in April 2012. The work of the Commission was based on a submission from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. They observed that most provisions of the Act are now archaic and not in tandem with the new democratic dispensation and constitutional order.

The special Law Commission concluded the review process and publicized its findings and recommendations to the public through a press briefing, which was held on 5th December 2014.

The key proposals affect the following areas:

  1. retitling of the statute;
  2. procedures and criteria for creation of a village and a group of villages;
  3. eligibility criteria for appointment of a traditional leader and appointment of regent as well as acting appointment;
  4.  restriction of elevation of traditional leadership;
  5. functions and responsibility of traditional leaders;
  6. introduction of the installation ceremony;
  7. powers of removal of traditional leaders;
  8. acts of misconduct for traditional leaders and penalties;
  9. establishment of disciplinary committees;
  10. the Council of Traditional Leaders; and
  11. gender or marital status and traditional leadership.