Law reform entails a systematic examination and amendment of existing laws or development of new laws, with the aim of addressing societal dynamism. Law reform is always confused with law revision. Law revision entails consolidation of laws that have become untidy, inaccessible or disjointed over the passage of time due to numerous amendments. Law revision also includes repeal of outdated and irrelevant statutes and removal of those repealed statutes from statute books.

One of the attributes of a just and advanced democratic society is that its laws should not only be just, but that they should also be kept up to date and be readily accessible to all who are affected by them. This function is typically achieved through law reform and law revision. The discharge for this function should be done in such a way so as to ensure that laws are simplified to the extent that members of the public, including those with no training in law, are able to understand the law. Having a specialized institution like the Law Commission ensures that such laws are drafted in a transparent, independent and inclusive manner.

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